Znojmo – South Moravia


Znojmo is a great little town in South Moravia, very close to the Austrian border. It lies on the Dyje River so is an ideal launchpad for hikes or cycling trips in the Poddyji National Park. It is a wonderful town to wander around and get lost in its alleyways and as the area is a big wine producing area, you could do a lot worse than spend the evening in a wine bar sampling the local produce.

Znojmo Square
There are two big squares in Znojmo. This is the lower one and is surrounded on three sides by beautiful buildings – and one side by a communist-inspired shopping centre. Hopefully it will be demolished soon.
Znojmo Square
Here is the Rotunda at Znojmo – an incredible 11th Century church – the Rotunda of our lady & St.Catherine. The place was used as a pigsty but has now been restored so that you can see the 12th Century frescos inside.
Znojmo Square
Talking of churches, here is St.Nicolas church – mostly built in the 15th Century.
Znojmo view
Here is the tower in the centre of the town. Well worth climbing up as you can get great views of the town and the Poddyji National Park.
Znojmo view
This is the view from the top of the tower looking east.
Znojmo Square
And this is the view from the top of the tower looking west. You can see all those little backstreets just waiting to be explored.
A town full of surprises. Here are members of the volunteer fire service lining up outside the town hall, waiting for the happy couple to emerge.
Znojmo view
Here is the tower in the centre at night. It is a great place for photographers.
A final shot of Znojmo at night. So next time you are considering a trip to the Czech Republic, give this great little town some of your time.

Practical Information

Znojmo is 280km from Prague and just 70km from Brno. For public transport, have a look at the Czech transport website.

The catacombs are interesting to visit – particularly if the weather is bad.

I’ve stayed in a variety of places in Znojmo and one of the nicest was Pension Grant next to the town’s (beautiful) prison.

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