What Jeremy Taylor can write for your publishing house

I have been writing for over 25 years so I have a lot of experience. My main market is teenage fiction with a special emphasis on English as a Foreign Language. Click on the links below to see if there is something that I can write for you.

Special Needs. There is a clear overlap between EFL and special needs. I wrote five titles in the award-winning Rapid series for Harcourt Education.

A language learning joke book. I first wrote this book in 1989 and it was published in Germany later that year. It has since been published in eight different countries around Europe. Strangely it still hasn’t be published in Britain or America for English speakers learning foreign languages. However the book has been published in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Click joke book if you’d like to know more.

Readers : I have written thirteen readers and 2 collections of short stories. The series I wrote for Diesterweg in Germany was written to complement their textbook, Notting Hill. Extensive reading is acknowledged to be a very effective way of learning. Could I write a series of readers to accompany your English text books? Contact me if you’d like a sample. If you’d like to see more of my readers, click here.

Serial stories for textbooks: I was approached by Thomson and Heinle and asked to write four stories to add a new dimension to David Nunan’s ‘Go For It!’. I wrote them, Thomson and Heinle are very happy with them – and they are a key factor in the promotion of the second edition – which has sold an incredible 300 million copies. Are you planning reprint a series of textbooks? Would a serial story be an improvement? You know who to ask.

Website material: Increasingly, books are published together with a website. This is a great way of keeping the material topical and also allows interaction with the readers. Can I help you here? For my readers for Aschehoug, I produced downloadable support material for teachers.

Listening Comprehension Material: One of my strengths in my writing is my ability to write realistic, natural-sounding yet simple dialogues. One product of this ability is a popular listening comprehension book and CD. To find out more, click listening comprehension.

Grammar for new TEFL Teachers: Thousands of people train to be English teachers every year and many of them start with a very poor knowledge of grammar. I have written a number of dialogues between a TEFL guru and a young trainee teacher who hopes to learn everything. If you’d like to see a sample, contact me and I’ll send you one of the dialogues in pdf format.

I am open to many other suggestions. Contact me if you have any exciting projects that you think might be of interest.


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