Vysehrad Castle in the Czech Republic

Vysehrad Castle has its origins in the 10th Century. It was built on high ground south of the city of Prague. Today Vysehrad is marked by the church of St Peter and Paul – seen in the picture above and below.

Vysehrad Church
Night time is the best time to visit Vysehrad. There are great views up and down the river and the area is 99% car free. It might seem like the area should be full of drug dealers and prostitutes but not Vysehrad. It is unlikely you will see anyone except for dog walkers and romantic couples.
Vysehrad chapel
St Martin’s rotunda was built in the 11th Century. The soft lighting make Vysehrad (and much of Prague) a very romantic place.
Vysehrad graves
Next to the Saint Peter and Paul church is the most famous cemetery in the whole country. This beautiful collonade is part of Vysehrad cemetery, a place where many famous Czechs are buried. Look out for the composers Dvorak and Smetana, and the writers Capek and Nemcová.
Prague at night
Saving the best until last. When walking down through Vysehrad park, when you see the rotunda, turn up to the left on a footpath and follow it all the way around until you come to a gallery on the left (with the church in front of you). Walk over to the gallery and you get this view up the river to Hradcany.

Practical Information

Getting there Vysehrad is easy to get to from central Prague. The best way to do it is to take metro line C (the red one) to Vysehrad. You then walk past a conference centre until you come to a very large brick wall. Pass through the large gates and into the Vysehrad area.

Information about the castle To get more information on Vysehrad, click here

Somewhere to eat The nicest place to eat in the area, and one of the nicest in Prague, is U Semika. There are details of how to get there from Vysehrad are available on their website.

Somewhere to stay U Semika is also a pleasant hotel.

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