The Secret of the Lost Dogs

Secret of the Lost DogsThe Secret of the Lost Dogs is great for people with very limited English. You can read it with just one year of English! An old lady has lost her dog. The children want to help her to find the dog. They see a couple stealing the dog and the adventure begins. Will they find her dog? What else will they find? Read The Secret of the Lost Dogs and find out.

An excerpt from The Secret of the Lost Dogs

It was the most important football match in the world. Hendon United were playing against the Notting Hill Gate Allstars. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and there were only two minutes before the end of the game.
“Pass , Vera! Quickly!” shouted Charlie.
Vera passed the ball to Charlie. Charlie ran forward and kicked the ball at the goal. “Yes!”
“No!” shouted Susan. She jumped like a cat and caught the ball.
It was still 2-2. Susan threw the ball to Gillian. Vera stood in front of her. “Pass Gillian!” shouted Karim.
Gillian passed to Karim and ran past Vera. Karim controlled the ball then passed it quickly back to Gillian. She ran forward. David was the goalkeeper for the Notting Hill Gate Allstars. Gillian knew he was good, but was he good enough? Gillian shot. David jumped to his right. But the ball went past his fingers.
“Yes!” shouted Gillian.
“No!” shouted David.
“Aaaaargh!” shouted an old lady. The ball hit the old lady’s head and flew over the goal. But what was an old lady doing in the middle of the most important football match in the world?
“I’m very sorry,” said Gillian to the old lady. “I didn’t see you. I was looking at the goal.”
“That’s okay,” said the old lady, but Gillian saw that she was crying.
“We really are sorry,” said David and put his arm around the old lady. “We…”
“I’m not crying because of your football,” said the old lady.
“No?” said David. “So, why are you crying?”
“I’m crying because of Flopper.”
“Flopper? Who is Flopper?”
“My cocker spaniel. Every day we walk around the park together.” The old lady stopped and blew her nose. “Today, I was talking with a friend of mine. When I looked up, Flopper wasn’t there.”
“Don’t worry,” said Gillian. “We’ll help you find Flopper. Come on, guys! The football match can wait. Let’s help this lady find Flopper.”

Do you want to find out if they find Flopper?

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