Tabor – Czech Republic

Tabor is a lovely town, population 37000, about 100km south of Prague with regular train connections taking about 90 minutes. It is a great place to wander around for a day and could be a great base for exploring other parts of South Bohemia.

Zizka square in Tabor
This is the beautiful Zizka square as seen from the top of the Church tower.
Looking South
Another view from the Church tower, this time looking South to the lake.
Tabor clock tower
Fairly common in the Czech Republic – clock towers with 24 numbers and only one hand.
Church tower in Tabor
This is the church tower from which the photos of Zizka square were taken. After climbing the 200 steps, past the church bell, you then buy your 25 crown ticket – well worth it for the views of Tabor.
Tabor backstreets
Tabor is not a big town but the backstreets are a joy to walk through. Interesting little shops, bars and restaurants. What more could you ask for?
Tabor restaurant
Well you could ask for a cute little restaurant like this one.

You can check out the bus or train timetables on the Czech transport website. Click on the  Union Jack in the bottom right hand corner if you need to have it in English.

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