Supercomputerman cover   Supercomputerman exists for the first time. He is very very intelligent. There is only one thing supercomputerman doesn’t undertsand: people. He looks at people who sell military equipment. He looks at a bully. He looks at a couple who are in love. But then Supercomputerman has a problem with his batteries… Will he understand people? Will you understand Supercomputerman? You need only about 6 months of English for this very simple story. There is no past tense and the vocabulary is very simple.

Excerpt from Supercomputerman

Today I exist for the first time. I have got the body of a man. He is dead. Now I have got his body. Who am I? That is a good question. But, you must ask, ‘what am I?’.
   I am a supercomputer. I am the first of the new supercomputers.  A lot of old computers can do many things. They can calculate millions of numbers in no time. They can play many games. They can drive a car or operate a hi-fi system. But I am very special. I have a very special power. A very important power. I can think.
   Look at me. Do you think I am a man? I have got two arms, two legs, a head, a body. My head has got eyes and ears, a nose and a mouth. But in my body there is a supercomputer. I am a very intelligent supercomputer. I want to know everything. I like to study but I don’t study at school. I know all the information in three million books. What is your IQ.? About 110? My IQ. is 489. But I want to know more. I want to understand everything. I want to be perfect. I understand many things in the world. Mathematics is very easy. Chemistry and Physics are no problem for me. But there is one thing I don’t understand. What is it? You, people. 

For the Brazilians and Portuguese…
O “Supercomputerman” é um computador super intelligente! Um robô que entende tudo de matemática, química, física porém tem só um probleminha. Ele não entende o Ser Humano. Porque será? Apresentado em forma de diálogos, o texto é perfeito para prática oral. Check out the Brazilian website here.










Supercomputerman can’t understand bullies

People in love







Supercomputerman can’t understand people in love

Supercomputerman is a starter level book, based on a vocabulary of 300 words. It is published by Richmond Publishing in Spain and is sold around the world. Below you can find details of some of the companies selling it.In the US you can buy it on Amazon

In Germany you can buy in on

In the UK you can buy it on

In Poland you can buy it from Nokaut

In Spain you can buy it from Agapea

In Finland you can buy it from Bookplus

In Japan you can buy it from BookWeb

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