Spanish food – main courses

Here are a few of the meals I’ve enjoyed in Spain over the years.

Spanish mussels
A very generous portion of very tasty mussels.
Spanish chicken breast
Deep fried chicken breast with some mild chillies. Doesn’t the plate seem strangely bare?
Spanish risotto
Risotto, made with anything the cook could find. Heavy and not particularly tasty.
Spanish menu
It is not difficult to find an inexpensive meal in Spain. Here you can see a three course meal, with bread, wine or water, for 8 euros.
Spanish seafood
The Spanish are big on seafood. Ideally cooked fresh rather than heated up a hundred times…
Spanish food
Marks out of ten for presentation? Well, it was filling…
Spanish main course
Roast beef and chips, what more could an Englishman ask for? Well, to have less gristly piece of meat… The chilli and pepper sauce was good though.
Not sure
Looking more like pork scratchings than something edible… The chips weren’t bad.
Spanish Paella
Apologies for the yellow tinge. Here is a mountain of paella – for one person!
Sausage and beans
Slightly more modest. Sausage and beans.


Pork chop
Pork chop in a rich, though not very nice, sauce.
Weird food
Great colours! Deep fried banana, or perhaps plantain, with a mound of white rice, tomato sauce and all topped by a fried egg.
Cured hams
From a Spanish supermarket, here you can see cured hams.

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