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Smashwords is the best platform I have found for publishing ebooks. Here are the ten best-selling books from their lists. Interesting that they are all works of fiction.

The Mercenary's Price

Lady Eliza Harcourt, the queen’s seer, is in danger of being kidnapped. To avoid such a fate, she will be whisked to safety during a royal masked ball. But when the man doing the whisking turns out to be Thomas Blackstone, she’s no longer sure fleeing is a good idea.

Rejected by Eliza seven years earlier, Thomas has changed from the amiable second son of a lowly noble into a cold-hearted mercenary. Not only does she have to put up with the silent treatment, but she cannot be entirely certain he is on her side. The only thing she can be sure of is that he’s still bitter about the rejection. And that she still loves him.

Sample Review: Short historical romance with a touch of the paranormal. Well written, a little different twist. Nice value for the price.

To download the book click on C.J.Archer

Cowboys Olympians

Two worlds collide as champion reining horse trainer, Leo Richards crosses paths with Olympic dressage hopeful, Katie Shulman. Sparks fly, and so do hooves. They meet at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, KY, and Leo falls madly for Katie. But she wouldn’t be caught dead with a cowboy, no, she was brought up well-to-do, cowboys have no place in her life. She has her sights on Swedish Olympian, Lars Knepfel, and a European scholarship to train with him.
When things get complicated, Katie returns to the U.S. and accidentally crosses paths with Leo. Each refuses to give into their emotions, until one night, a passion storm roars through a small Texas town.

Sample review: This story has widened my taste to the romance genre. A great tale with fascinating characters, dialogue and of course… romance. I recommend this novella to anyone.

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Katrina Blake is an immortal, she just doesn’t know it yet. She is a balancer, and she’s about to discover this news in the most mind-blowing way imaginable. In the pages of her ancestor’s journal, lie the answers to questions which have confounded her for years and, the beginnings of a relationship which will alter the course of her life forever.

Sample Review: WOW i just finished reading LEGACY i must say it blew me away. I have fallen in love with the characters especially James! I hope we wont have to wait too long for the next book I’m dying to hear what comes next! WOW i just finished reading LEGACY i must say it blew me away. I have fallen in love with the characters especially James! I hope we wont have to wait too long for the next book I’m dying to hear what comes next!

To download the book click on C.Adonn

Murder in the Philosophy Department

Who killed Niles Norman, the new head of the philosophy department?

When Norman is found murdered in his office, Liza Ryder, a professor of philosophy, offers the police her help. She’s worried they won’t take academic motives seriously. And she also investigates her colleagues herself.

Was the murderer the dotty old hippie? The vindictive former department head? The prodigiously incompetent administrative assistant?

Liza is horrified by how many motives she finds. Extortion. Deception. Secrets kept since grad school. Will anything be left of the philosophy department when the investigation is over?

Sample Review: A very enjoyable mystery; the characters were nicely rounded, and the story flowed well. The only thing I found lacking was that the ending seemed very abrupt.

To download the book click on J.March

Barely There

When shy Emily Tucker almost dies and ends up in a coma, her out of body experience gets very physical — with her sexy business partner and friend, Gavin Wright. Emily isn’t sure what’s happening as she keeps finding her incorporeal self popping up in Gavin’s apartment, but she’s running out of time. Her Living Will asks Gavin not to let her linger for long. All she knows for sure is that when she’s touching Gavin, she takes physical form again, and this may be her last chance to let him know how she really feels about him. But what will happen when the night’s over?

Sample Review: Samantha Hunter writes fantastic books for Harlequin Blaze, and this one’s a sort of digest version — shorter, sexier, and (a little bit) filthier. How can you go wrong?

To download the book click on S.Hunter

Joe is Online

In 1997 a 13 year-old boy with no friends called Joe went online.

He decided the offline world was too harsh be real. With the help of an internet psychic called Magda Magenta, Joe unleashes a series of co-ordinated attacks on the world, beginning online and spreading into the offline world. He develops an online cult populated by people who’ve also been let down badly by the real world.

Nobody can trace their source until a quiet, shy professor in terrorism called Penelope Hunt discovers a link to Joe. She finds herself sucked into a conspiracy which transcends race and religion. With only a radical tele-atheist to help her, Penny decides to shut down Joe’s activities, placing her own life in grave danger in the process.

‘Joe is Online’ spans continents and decades. Its setting is at the boundary where the online and offline worlds meet.

CAUTION: ‘Joe is Online’ contains very strong language and adult themes which some people might find disturbing.

To download the book click on C.Wimpress

Bandits LM Preston

Daniel’s father has gotten himself killed and left another mess for Daniel to clean up. To save his world from destruction, he must fight off his father’s killers while discovering a way to save his world. Time is running out, and Daniel must choose to either walk in his father’s footsteps or to re-invent himself into the one to save his world.

Sample Review: I LOVE THIS BOOK! I have a paperback, but it’s looking a little…used. I couldn’t resist having one on my computer. This way, it’s ALWAYS with me. I can just read a chapter whenever I want. I am a reviewer. I can be really harsh on books, this one gets a five star, that is REALLY serious. Very few books get five stars from me. Take it seriously.

To download the book click on H.Preston



Strange Passage

After dying, Andy Chambers finds himself inexplicably alive again. He wakes in his own home, but it isn’t his home. He goes on with his daily routine and maintains his job, but it isn’t his job. He makes friends and slowly acclimates himself to the strangeness around him, but uncertainty sits deep in his gut. He cannot tell now, but it will drive him to action. Eventually.

Everyone in the town works for the town, and yet none of them do. There is no way out, and no one is looking for one. There are even some who believe there may be nothing worth fighting to get “back” to on the outside. They’re half right.

Death? Doesn’t happen there. Or so the townspeople are let to believe.

Acclimation is only the beginning.

To download the book click on E.Avalon

The Cold Wife

When Carrie Allen learns that her father has arranged a marriage between her and Justin Monroe, she knows that a pair couldn’t be more mismatched. And she wants out! Justin Monroe has loved Carrie for years, so he jumps at the chance to marry her. But he’s in for a surprise when she tells him the truth…and asks for an annulment. Too bad for her he’s not willing to give up.

Sample Review: Another wonderful work from Ruth Ann Nordin. I love her style and her characters. Her period work is well researched and thought out – believable. Her characters are real people who do things just like I might do.

To download the book click on R.Nordin

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