Reviews of my writing

I have written 50 pBooks, 40 eBooks 126 short stories and various other bits and pieces. Here’s what some people – including Roald Dahl – have said about my writing.

Suzzana:I finished your book [Parce Que Je T’aime]. It was good for my french – I liked the little key word translations at the bottom of the pages and a lot of the french was pretty simple so I read a lot without having to look in a dictionary on every sentence (which I did have to on some other french books I read) well done – keep writing.

Helena: Let me say, that your stories are simply great! Yesterday I started to read the BBC Party story during lunch break and I couldn’t avoid laughing. I’m looking forward to come to the end 🙂

Vera: I like you storytelling, it is so brisk and fool of life.

Lenka (after reading Czech Mate): Wow, that was really cool – and I mean it – wow, gosh…that was awesome.
Claudio, Peru: How can I get a hold of your books? I just read the “cows go moo” and it was the most ingenious piece of work that I have ever seen!!!!!!! UR material for In Company is great by the way

Kirsten, Washington, USA: I think your book (Parce que je t’aime) is great! I read it for the first time in the doctor’s office and loved it!

Caroline, Italy: You know, if I didn’t know it was you, I could have believed that a woman had written one of the stories.

Dr Jon Wright: If I were asked to choose between reading your stories and teaching my students, my boss would sack me if he knew my answer!

Renzo Sala, Italian Publisher: I’m personally enjoyed the fine humour of the jokes having spent a quite few years in England and Ireland.

Lori Berkenmeyer At any rate, your stories were wonderful.  Really.  I printed them, and took them to work with me and laughed my head off at “Czech Mate.”  You have no idea how much I can relate to this feeling of adoring a person, yet feeling so drained being with them.

Valentina in Moscow: Your language and stile is absolutly genious!

Fran Limtiaco: keep sending the stories…I love them…

Charlene, OMG!!!!!!!! is that a book or short story…..if the rest is as good, i want a copy…lol i really liked that one so funny..You are an exceptional writer, and believe me i know it takes talent to just word things into a story like that without simply telling it.  Geesh…..let me be your, veiwer of storys…i enjoy reading these very much…..thank you again for the honor of reading your stuff…..VERY IMPRESSIVE

German Books on line, Taylor, Jeremy, englischer Schriftsteller u. Geistlicher, geboren 15. 8. 1613 Cambridge, gestorben 13. 8. 1667 Lisburn (Nordirland); zählt zu den großen religiösen Schriftstellern Englands; rief vor allem in seinem Essay -Theologia Eklektike. A discourse of the liberty of prophesying- 1646 zu religiöser u. allgemeiner Toleranz auf; seine Predigten (-Eniautos- 1653 1655) sind reich an poetischen Bildern. The whole works, 15 Bde. 1822.

Phil Parker ‘Better than I expected.’

Sandra Williams, ‘It smacks of literature.’

Margaret Kersten, (about Love Me Blindly) ‘somewhat schoolbooky and perhaps too far-fetched.’

Joanne Wroe of LDA: ‘I think the quality of your stories is high and I can understand why you have received considerable interest.’

Pavel Vlach (Jiri Fraus publishing) ‘This book [The English Czech Joke Book] is lovely. I was reading the book without interruption the whole night and I liked the headmaster very much.’

Janneke Budding-Derks: I liked your story ‘Mr Baldwin’s Departure’. It has a nice Dahlesque quality about it.

Barry Tomalin: It’s not a matter of if [your material will be published] it’s a matter of who [will publish it].

Yuki Miyashita After coming from Matsuyama, I found your book. It is really fantastic. I haven’t read it yet but I have two more holidays and I will read it.

Mario Rinvolucri [After reading Cows Go Moo] You have an excellent keyboard.

Sarah Woehler Jeremy, that [Models] was an excellent story!! It is my favorite of the three(?) that you sent to me.  You are a very good writer.

Roald Dahl, writer: ‘Better than the average amateur but there is still some naivety which is not quite on.’


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