Reviews of my work as a teacher and trainer.

I have been teaching since 1985 and have been teacher training since 1998. Here is what some people have said about me.

Matt, London ” I thought that the weekend would involve sitting in a class, listening to theory and taking notes in a very diligent tweed-and-leather-elbow-patch kind of way. How wrong could I be? I had a truly fantastic time, everyone got into the spirit of things and the teaching was engaging and fun. I really think it was one of those life changing events that you hear people talk about and I’m so glad that I’ve experienced one as well.”

Patricia, Paris: I have now completed the course and can I say how fantastic it was. Jeremy Taylor was really excellent, very charismatic and a wonderful teacher. I have been teaching since 1979 and have been a Head of Dept (History) where I have observed many teachers, so I feel I know an excellent teacher when I see one.

I have informed my bosses here how good the course was and how they should consider Some form of INSETn TEFL training for all our staff.

Joachim Wiesner: “Thank you again for having come to Vorarlberg. From what the participants told me, it was a really successful session and I will communicate that also to the Pädagogische Hochschule.”

Lenka R, “Jeremy’s linguistic capabilities are phenomenal”

Fiona M, I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for this weekend in London, I can honestly say it was the best weekend I’ve had in ages! I was in such a rush when I left as I had to catch a train and my boyfriend was waiting for me that I even left the room without saying goodbye and thank you to the one person responsible for it all!

Tina E, Thank you once again […] for TEACHING at my school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a real success because all my colleagues told me that you and your style of teaching was really brilliant and fascinated!!!!!!

Andrew K, I’m still amazed that i can remember all those Czech words.

Anon, Paris. “Jeremy has an extremely great talent with people. He is able to illicit the responses with enthusiasm, handles the problems with humor and he inspires us to be great teachers like he is. Super. Bravo.”

Suzie, Kent, All in all, Brilliant

Mahmoud, Iran, The best teacher ever I had

Amy, London, The teacher was excellant – I felt like I was free to practice my first teaching experience in a completely safe and supportive environment.

Anon, London, Jeremy managed to hold my attention for the duration of the course which is a very difficult task, particularly with regards to grammer! I would reccomend the course.

Anon, London, I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with some great ideas. I usually have a short attention span, but Jeremy kept me interested the whole time.

Anon, London, Jeremy was fantastic, really enthusiastic and friendly. Approachable and informative.

Terry, Paris, I never thought I would say this to a man but you were worth every penny.

Anon, Birmingham, Time went very quickly, no boredom! Learnt lots of teaching techniques. Jeremy was very engaging – made everyone feel very relaxed.

Anon, Southampton, Thoroughly enjoyed the course. The pace was fast – lots of variety.

Diana, Southampton, This course has been interesting, informative, stimulating and given me a host of useful ideas. It’s also been a lot of fun. Thank you Jeremy.

Anon, Birmingham, I really enjoyed this weekend – was excellent. I have learnt so much from Jeremy – he’s brilliant.

Sylvia, London. The tutor was brilliant. He made the three days very easy.

Anon, London. Fantastic wow full praise to the teaching brought our full potential out of us. I feel completely confident to go abroad and teach English basics. I didn’t realise how much could be learnt, thank you very much Jeremy

Lynne, London. “Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed the course, brilliant feedback – hope I can take it all on board. Well done Jeremy and thank you.”

Helen, London. Jeremy was excellent, we were all engaged throughout the course. I will be using his ideas at the earliest opportunity.

Michelle, Bristol. Jeremy was brilliant. Concise, dynamic, informal, constructive feedback.

Miranda, Bristol. A very enjoyable weekend. Jeremy was excellent – engaging and made us laugh while we were learning.

Mark, Bristol. Great weekend! Great Teacher!

Anon, Bristol. Jeremy Taylor is a very good teacher.

David, Bristol. Jeremy covered a lot of information and I am happy to go through Czech customs.

Maria, Paris. Jeremy was energetic and easy-going. His teaching skills are impressive. I hope to one day be able to engage my students as he did this weekend with us. Thank you, Jeremy.

Anon, Paris. Felt very welcome and included. Thought I’d be more nervous but was made to feel relaxed and confident with Jeremy’s approach and easy manner.

Seb, London, Jeremy was a particularly good teacher, I thought, covering a larg area of topics very effectively in a short space of time.

John, London, Jeremy is a very entertaining and imaginitive teacher.

Anon, London, I thought Jeremy was fun and lively. Very animated and addressed as many questions and concerns as possible.

Anon, London, Jeremy was an excellent teacher – can’t imagine a better one. (Office manager)

Anon, London, Great teacher, great ideas for lessons, very motivational – thank you.

Julie, London, Excellent weekend course.Jeremy was a fantastic teacher and made it fun and interesting.

Fiona, London, Jeremy was a fantastic teacher. Very engaging and upbeat. I have learnt alot and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Anon, London, Jeremy is excellent, great fun, very enthusuastic and dynamic – kept our energy levels going in what is quite an intense period of study.

Anon, London, The course was fun and exciting; even Saturday (the longest day) I never felt bored or fed up. I learnt a lot without feeling overloaded with info.

Anon, London, Much better than I expected! I really enjoyed it and hope to continue on in this field for the near future at least. I want to improve all my skills + be a great teacher just like Jeremy!

Andy, Glasgow. Jeremy – a superb teacher.

Wayne, Glasgow. Teacher was fantastic, very enthusiastic and friendly.

David, Glasgow. Highly recommended. Jeremy was/is a very good teacher. No praise high enough!!

Anon, Glasgow. Really enjoyed the course, very intense and tiring, However Jeremy made the course highly enjoyable

Jenny H, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for making it the most enthusiastic, joyful and inspiring class I’ve been to.

Sam C, Just a quick note to say how inspired I was by the weekend. No wonder you teach – you have a real knack for it. There were so many activities, we were constantly stimulated and bombarded with good ideas that the time flew by.

Rod C, Just to say thanks for a fun and stimulating weekend – I didn’t imagine that we could all make such advances in a short time.

Jill M, Just wanted to say a huge thank-you, I really enjoyed the course. Had no real idea of what it was going to be like, and was happily surprised. I believe the teacher can make all the difference.

Sarah K, I would like to say, “Thank you” the course was fantastic, and although the pace was fast i learned much more than i thought actually went in. I was able to use some of the games you showed us when i went back to work with some children who have trouble with listening and language skills with great sucess…

Pam G, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything we learned on the course last weekend. You were truly inspirational and a great support to us all.

Lucilla P, Thank you so much for a very exhilarating weekend on the TEFL course. I really loved it! and found your teaching marvellous.

David M, Just a quick note to say thanks to Jeremy and you all for making what could have been a stressful three days, into an enjoyable weekend.

Dimitri G, I enjoyed the TEFL trainning, thank you for your enthusiastic imput. I have decided to learn the basics of english from scratch, and it’s about time to. I’m looking forward to this challenge and the life style and cultural opportunities that will follow. Once again thanks.

Kim Hyeong, i would like to express my sincere thanks for your teaching during my stay in ireland. i think your very intelligent. beacause you are a writter, english teacher, biology teacher and wonderful juggler. I can’t forget you forever. thanks again for your excellent teaching. Good-bye and wish your good healthy.

Katharina, Hi Jeremy, you terrific teacher, I enjoyed staying in Barnstaple/Devon and your kind of teaching was a great pleasure. We had lot´s of fun with your stories (!), learned a lot talking with you and you´re teaching is kind of WOW.


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