Tomato sauce: Easy Recipe with photos

When you grow your own tomatoes, they taste like tomatoes. Not like the red balls of chemicals that the Dutch try to convince other European nations are the same thing. Tomato sauce is an excellent way of storing your excess tomatoes. A good tomato sauce can be used in pizza making, as the tomato sauce for chilli con carnĂ©. How about a tomato sauce with chicken, or a tomato sauce to spice up a vegetable dish? Want to know how I make my tomato sauce? Keep reading…


Pick (or buy) about ten kilos of tomatoes, rinse them, and put them into a large saucepan.

tomatoes in saucepan

Add a little vinegar, a little sugar, salt and plenty of pepper, and a handful of mixed herbs. If you like a spicy tomato sauce, add chilli powder. Heat gently and slash the tomatoes so that they release their juices.

simmering tomatoes

After about 45 minutes, the tomato sauce should quite thin with soft tomatoes floating on the top. Now it’s time to use an electric hand mixer to liquidize the remaining tomatoes so that the liquid is fairly homogenous.

tomato sauce

Leaving the skins on gives the sauce a wonderful colour and saves you a lot of time peeling them before boiling. Allow the mixture to simmer for a couple of hours so that the sauce becomes thicker as the liquid evaporates.Some people sieve the tomato sauce to remove the seeds; I leave them in. 

bottled tomato sauce

Sterilise the jars by putting them into an oven for about 15 minutes – not so hot that the glass cracks, but hot enough to kill any bugs which may be lurking inside. Finally decant the sauce into the bottles and screw the tops on firmly.

And that’s it. Not difficult to do and the tomato sauce is yummy and very versatile. Start saving your jars ready for next season. The sauce will keep for at least a year.

One thought on “Tomato sauce: Easy Recipe with photos

  1. Dear Jeremy,
    This week you have teached me. And now I was looking for your website. I was surprised when I saw your recipes I didn’t know that you were cooking too. But I also didn,t know that you were juggling đŸ™‚
    But I Think you ate the dutch tomatoes it was the year, that we haven’t had a lot of sunshine. Try it next time and maybe you will have another opinion.
    I wil try your recipe for the sauce with our tomatoes.
    Thank you for the course. It was great!

    Lenne Vergunst, Holland

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