Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holiday cover   Charlie wants to go on holiday with his friends from Notting Hill and also Becky and Jutta from Germany. They go to Cornwall at Easter. They want to have a normal holiday but… no chance! Why is David so strange? Why was there a big fire? Who falls in love? Who is the hero at the end? Read Perfect Holiday and find out!

An excerpt from Perfect Holiday

“Camping? In Cornwall? England? At Easter?”
“It’ll be great, mum,” said Charlie. “And Cornwall is beautiful!”
“And cold,” said Mrs Macintosh. But then, Mrs Macintosh was only happy if the temperature was over thirty.
“I have a plan,” said Charlie.
“You always do,” laughed his mum.
“You and dad can stay in a bed and breakfast next to the campsite. Me and my friends can…”
“Friends? What friends?”
“Karim, David and Gillian. Vera and Susan are going to Scotland with Janet and Dan.”
“You want to bring three friends with you?”
“That’s right. Their parents won’t mind. They trust you and dad . Anyway, you can stay in a bed and breakfast, we’ll stay in tents at the campsite. What do you think?”
“I think you’re crazy, Charlie Macintosh,” laughed his mum.
“Not crazy, mum,” said Charlie. “Only enthusiastic. Will you talk to dad about it?”
“I’ll talk to him, but I can’t guarantee anything!”
“Thanks, mum,” said Charlie. “I’m sure it will be a great holiday.”
Mrs Macintosh was not so sure.
* * * * *
“In Cornwall? England? At Easter? With four children!!? Are you crazy?”
“I haven’t said yes or no,” explained Mrs Macintosh. “You can say no if you want to.”
Mr Macintosh laughed. “And then Charlie will never talk to me again.”
* * * * *
“Wow, thanks, dad! You’re the best dad in the world!”
“I’m the only dad you’ve got, Charlie,” said Mr Macintosh.

Do you want to know what happens on this crazy holiday?

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