Nicosia – Cyprus

I visited Nicosia in May 2008, March 2009 and for a third time in June 2013. What did I find there?

mosque in Nicosia
A well-maintained mosque next to the bus station in Nicosia in the early morning sunshine.
South WestNicosia
A tower in the middle of Nicosia (next door to Debenhams) allows you, for 85 cents, to get a panoramic view of Nicosia. This is the south west of the city.


North Nicosia
This is a view of the North of Nicosia. On the left you can see Ledra Street. In the background you can see the five finger mountains – on which there is a very large Turkish flag which lights up at night. More like two fingers than five fingers perhaps. If you like this photo of Nicosia it is available from istockphoto.


Old Nicosia
There are some old parts of Nicosia – though you might have to hunt for them. There are some attractive restaurants with plenty of protection from the sun and the noise of traffic.


Nicosia Church
A large Greek orthodox church in the middle of Nicosia, behind which there is a primary school.
Old street in Nicosia
Just how do wheelchair users in Nicosia get around? With difficulty for sure…
Quiet street in Nicosia
Not all the streets of Nicosia are full of cars. The drivers in Cyprus are no worse than other Mediterranean countries but it was rare to find a street in Nicosia that wasn’t choked with cars.
Post Office box
Virtually all of the post boxes in Cyprus are yellow. For some reason this one, in a touristy part of Nicosia, has been left in its original post office red. The British army do still have a base on Cyprus but tend to keep a low profile.
church on green line
This church is very close to the green line – the division between north and south Cyprus.
Ledra Street Nicosia
Since the April 3rd 2008 it has been possible to walk between the north and south of Nicosia along Ledra street. This picture was taken in the middle, looking south.
Buyuk Han
On the north side of Nicosia, the Buyuk Han (Big Inn) built in 1572 during the Ottoman occupation of Cyprus. Originally built as an inn, it now houses small shops for tourists and some cafes.
Ledra Street again
This is the view of Ledra street from the north looking south.

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