My Family

I have a mum and dad, two brothers, a sister, five nieces and two nephews. In no particular order…


Norman, a.k.a. dad, with his wife Pat. A retired lecturer in pharmaceutical chemistry at Bath University, golf enthusiast, wine connoisseur, gardener, naturist and francophile.


Jean a.k.a. mum, cycling in the Pyrenees. A retired pharmacist, keep fit enthusiast and enjoys helping out old ladies around the village – despite being 84.

Martin and Valentina

Brother Martin with partner Valentina – and no, they don’t normally look quite this ridiculous. Martin is a magician, hypnotist and lawyer. Click here to visit his website.

Phil and Fiona

Brother Phil with wife Fiona – and no, they don’t¬†normally look like this either. He works CABI as an international trainer and troubleshooter in the world of plant diseases.¬†


Sister Kerry and three of her four children. Kerry is a Physics teacher and now lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

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