Mikulov – South Moravia

Mikulov is a lovely little town, population 7800, on the Czech-Austrian border. It makes a great day trip from Brno or as part of a cycling or walking tour through South Moravia. While you can take a bus from Brno to Mikulov, it is much nicer to take the train to Popice and then walk over the Palava Hills to Mikulov.

Palava Hills
The path from the village of Popice to Palava. You can just make out the lake on the left and the ancient castle on the first peak of the Palava Hills.
Taken from the ancient castle, looking back at the lake.
It’s a beautiful hike across the hills. If you’re lucky you might see some of the Palava wild goats.
The stunning view of Mikulov as you approach the town from the Palava Hills.
Mikulov clock tower
One of the major landmarks in Mikulov.
Mikulov Castle
With its origins in the 13th Century, this wonderful chateau was destroyed by the Nazis in 1945 – but is now back to its former glory.
Central Mikulov
Thankfully there is no through traffic allowed in the centre of Mikulov.
Is this the Czech Republic or Italy?
Mikulov and chapel
The main square with a view of the chapel on the hill.
Mikulov chateau
A final view of the château taken from within the château gardens. Definitely worth a visit.

Practical Information
You can check out the bus and train timetables on the Czech transport website. Click on the  Union Jack in the bottom right hand corner if you need it in English.

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