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STOP Press. I am negotiating with a publisher that wants to produce a print version of this book in Sweden – which will mean it might not be available here for much longer so if you want a copy, get it soon.

So what are Crazy Adlibs all about?

Do you have students who have problems writing in English? Crazy Adlibs are a fun way to get them to enjoy writing and have fun while doing it. It is a very simple idea and it won’t be long before your students can produce their own Crazy Adlibs. All of my Crazy Adlibs are one A4 page long so can easily be photocopied. The texts are along the lines of ‘There was a ___ man and he met ___ women, one of whom had a ___ in her bag.’ Before reading the text, I ask my students for, in this case, an adjective, a number and a noun. Try to encourage your students to be creative. If you ask for an adjective, don’t accept ‘big’ or ‘red’ (unless they are beginners). How about ‘hairy’ ‘obnoxious’ or ‘lugubrious’?

Once I have modelled how Crazy Adlibs work, I hand out the texts to my students who can then create their own stories in groups. They can either use the same system that I used, with one student playing the role of teacher, or, for the lower levels, they can simply choose a suitable word to go into each gap.

Here are some free crazy adlibs for you to try.

Madlibs suitable for young children.

At the seaside

The babysitter

My Special Friend

Madlibs suitable for pre-intermediate students

Top of the Pops

At the circus


Madlibs suitable for intermediate students

The Mountaineer

Stand Up Sisters

Madlibs suitable for Upper intermediate students

Second Hand Car

A lot of people seem to enjoy my Crazy Adlibs, teachers, families, students, learners of English etc so rather than downloading each one individually, you can now buy 50 Crazy Adlibs in one very convenient pdf download for easy printing, complete with support material for teachers who want to use my Crazy Adlibs in the classroom. So why buy the book?

  • It is a great way to help students improve their writing skills
  • It builds an awareness of parts of speech
  • It lets everyone develop their creative skills
  • It is hilarious!

But don’t just take my word for it.

Devin said: “Thanks so much for making this book! It’s worth more than $4 to me. I work with some tuff kids and we’ve been doing one of these everyday. It really helps get the room under control and EVERYBODY loves them.”

Martina from Germany said “Thank you for sending the Crazy Adlibs book so fast. I’ve just chosen the first one for my pupils in tomorrow’s lesson.”

The book has the introductory price of just $3.99. As soon as I receive notice that the money has arrived, I’ll send you the book to the e.mail that you gave paypal – unless you tell me otherwise. I can almost always send within 24 hours – sometimes within 24 seconds!

People in the UK can pay £2.99 using the link below.

If you are not completely satisfied with my crazy adlibs, drop me an e.mail within 14 days explaining why – and I’ll refund your money. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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