is a collection of 5 short stories all with a central animal character: Samson the gorilla’s sexual frustration provides some unexpected entertainment for a group of young children at a zoo; Bambi the goat is to be dinner for 3 young Americans in Sinai, Egypt; Wagoo the Tiger gets romantically involved with a British Intelligence operation; a pigeon makes a couple of contributions to a romantic dinner for two and a vomited oyster plays a key role in the final story.

Excerpt from ‘Goat’ in the Gorilla collection

In the mountains, Clayton got the fire going while Curtis and Howie sat on a small peak discussing the best way to sacrifice Bambi. “I reckon we ought to hang him up high then cut his throat and watch the blood spurt out everywhere,” suggested Curtis.
   “Or we could break his neck and then drain the blood afterwards,” said Howie.
   Both methods were very appealing. It was a shame they didn’t have two goats or they could have tried them both. When they returned to the fire, Clayton and Bambi were missing.
   “Over here!”
   Clayton was sitting on a large rock while Bambi defoliated a desert shrub.
   “You gone soft or something Clayton? Taking Bambi out for a walk?”
   “Me? No way, my uncle’s got a farm back in Kentucky. I’ve killed more animals than you’ve had hot dinners.”
   “So who’s gonna have the pleasure of sacrificin’ our little friend here then?” asked Curtis.
   “Well I’d love to,” said Howie, “but I got my camera with me and I want a shot of all that blood.”
   “So I guess that means he’s all yours, Clayton.”
   “Sure,” said Clayton. “We’ll do it later, when it gets cold.”

Want to find out what happens to Clayton, Curtis, Howie and Bambi?

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