French Starters

Many French people still eat 3-course meals on a regular basis though it is now quite common for people to have 2-courses, either a starter and main course, or a main course and a dessert. Have a look at some of the French starters below to help you make up your mind which ones to try.

Goat;s cheese salad
This could easily be enough for a main course but came as a starter in this restaurant. Melted goat’s cheese on French bread, sitting on a bed of fried ham and lettuce and tomato. It was delicious.
I had my first oyster in December 2003 and found it a lot less unpleasant than I had expected. At an open day at a wine producer, I was (pleasantly) surprised to see a young girl tucking into a plateful of oysters.Her brother had the charcuterie as most of the adults did. Not a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget in sight.
Snails with garlic butter
I am a big fan of garlic butter and as snails are prepared with loads of it I sometimes eat them. Without the garlic butter snails are small and rubbery without a lot of flavour. Last year I collected snails from my garden, purged them and ate them. Details here.
Trays of canapés as a starter. The French not only have food that tastes great, it looks wonderful as well. Some other nations could learn a lot from them.

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