French Main Courses

French main courses are undoubtedly some of the best in the world. Rich sauces and succulent meat though you don’t see that many French people who are seriously overweight. The French tend to eat well, three solid meals a day, but it is rare to see people snacking in the street. So what kind of food can you expect with French main courses?

mutton in France
Mutton dressed up as, er, mutton – is very tasty! I enjoy the taste of lamb but feel guilty about eating an animal that has only recently entered the world. A far better option is to eat mutton which, if cooked properly, tastes as yummy as lamb. Here is a piece of French mutton served up with chips, french beans and a lettuce leaf.
Ostrich steak
A taste of the exotic. Here is an ostrich steak served up with sliced potato in a cheese sauce and a rocket salad. Unsurprisingly, it was excellent.
These savoury pancakes known as galette are popular in France and can be eaten as a main course. They are made with a special flour and make a very cheap main meal if you cook them yourself. They tend to be expensive in restaurants.
beef and goat's cheese
Melted goat’s cheese on slices of beef. A wonderful combination of flavours.
Turkey breasts
Turkey breasts in a light sauce with beetroot and mint. Wonderful colours as well. French chefs are keen not only on satisfying the stomach but also the eyes. They often succeed.
French rabbit
Rabbit is a popular meat in France. Here it is served with a hot spicy piperade sauce and pasta. I now make large quantities of piperade (40kg last year) so if you’d like the recipe, click on tomato sauce.

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