French desserts

With such wonderful starters and main courses, I didn’t often eat French desserts which is why this section is a little thin.

apple pie
The French do like their shaving chantilly cream. Here it is together with icing sugar improving the presentation of an apple pie.
apple pie with cinammon
The French word for cinammon is canelle. Here it has been liberally sprinkled to make a dish which is as French as tarte de pomme.
apple with red fruits
Apples don’t have to be put into a pie. Here is apple mixed up with some red fruits and served with vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint.
French cheese
There are well over 400 varieties of cheese in France and the Pyrenees has some of the best. Here are the brebis cheeses on sale in a market in St Jean du Luz though they were made from sheep’s milk high in the Pyrenees.

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