For English Lovers – 100 English idioms

English idioms ExplainedSomeone said that language is black and white and that idioms add the colour. We use thousands of idiomatic phrases in our speech and writing but they are sometimes not understood correctly. This collection of 100 English idioms, presents, you have probably guessed, 100 English idioms. Written by the talented Jon Wright (and edited by me) the book is a great way to test your knowledge of English idioms. Have a look at these examples. Here’s one from the idioms of change chapter:

31. turned o___ a n__ l___

Phil has really changed. He’s never late for work and doesn’t drink at all now. He’s turned o___ a n__ l___.

Or how about this one from the idioms about problems.

94. flogging a d____ h___

I don’t know why you keep trying to persuade them to go skiing. They hate the snow, and are not sporty at all. I think you are flogging a d___ h____.

The answer to these – and another 98 examples – are in 100 English idioms.

100 English idioms is great for:

  • families who want a fun quiz
  • English teachers
  • EFL students
  • anyone who wants to add more colour to their language

The book is now available on Amazon in the US UK DE FR IT ES

Reviews: Susana from Portugal said: Uau! If you want to deepen your knowledge of the English language and culture you really need to take a look at this book! Abbreviations can be an excellent tool for us teachers thanks to the given work suggestions! We can even use it at home among friends and family as a competition, just for fun! Very well organised, great ideas! Wonderful working tool!


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