Grandad’s Eleven

Ryan from England and Ashraf from Egypt are both young football fanatics. Ashraf desperately misses his grandparents in Egypt so adopts Ryan’s grandfather, Albert, as a friend. Talking about football, Albert has a mad idea – surely it won’t work. How can a bunch of old men form a football team? And who could help them? Read Grandad’s Eleven and find out.
Grandad’s Eleven is a short novel that is perfect for young (and not so young) readers that love football.

Excerpt from Football Fanatics

   Ryan sat in front of the television. His sister, Anne, came in with Bonzo.
   “Hi, Bonzo,” said Ryan. “How are you?”
   Ryan played with Bonzo’s ears. Then Bonzo jumped up and sat on Ryan’s legs.
   “Hey, Ryan, I saw Ashraf in the park today,” said Anne.
   “Yes, he’s a very good footballer.”
   “I know. Was he with Scott and Terry?”
   “No, he wasn’t.”
   “So who was he with?”
   Anne smiled. “He was with grandad and some other men from the club.”
   “Grandad? With men from the club? The old people’s club?”
   “That’s right, Ryan. I think Ashraf is the manager.”
* * * * *
   “So how do you feel now, Jack?”
   “Tired. Very very tired, but also very very happy. It was not easy for me and my old legs but I had a good time.”
   “Me, too. I think Ashraf is a very good manager. He made us work hard but not too hard.”
   “That’s right. I know I’m going to sleep very well tonight.”
   “Before we go, there is one more thing we must do.”
   “What’s that?” asked Jack.
   “We need another team to play,” said Albert.
   Albert and Jack went into the office at the club. Albert picked up the phone. “I’m going to call my friend Bob. He goes to an old people’s club in Greenbrook. Perhaps he can put a team together.”
   “Hello, can I speak to Bob Hamilton, please… Hello, Bob? This is Albert Fenn… I’m fine thank you. Listen, Bob. Do you like football?… Well, I’ve got a team here and we want to play a game… Well, yes, we are boys, but we are all over sixty… Yes, perhaps we are a little crazy… Listen, Bob, Do you want to play against Grandad’s Eleven?… Okay, you telephone me tomorrow. Thanks a lot, Bob, bye.”
   “What did he say?”
   “He said we are crazy,” said Albert.
   “I think he’s right,” said Jack. “But it’s nice to be a little crazy sometimes.”

The book can be bought from Wayzgoose Press as either a paperback or as an e-book. 


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