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Another of my close friends, Jürgen Teller, has asked me to tell the world about his latest graded reader, Falkenland. I am more than happy to oblige. News: In a spooky copycat crime, a guy was fined for stealing peregrine falcon eggs…. Have a look at: this website

Falkenland is an ecological paradise in the forests of Bavaria. Professor Torsten Jann brings six young people from across Europe to learn more about ecology – and to have a good time. But something sinister is going on at Falkenland. Someone is stealing eggs from the nest of a Peregrine Falcon. Can the young people find the thief? Read Falkenland, a graded reader in easy German, and find out.

German Amazon sells the Falkenland CD ROM.

If you have any problems getting hold of a copy of the book, send an e.mail to Jürgen by clicking here.

Teachers in the UK can get an inspection copy by clicking here. The books is also suitable for German speakers who need some help with their reading.

You (or your students) may also like to write a review of Falkenland .

Why is Sergei kicking a door marked ‘privat’ ?

Who is stealing the eggs of this fantastic bird?

Maria says: “Falkenland” is about a competition to promote a company which is occupied with gene technology. The main prize is a stay in Germany together with other young people from Europe. The youngsters get checked-in on a primitive country house nested deep in the forest together with Professor Jann and the chef Otto. Their task is to study the nature, clean the place from waste and of course social gathering. During their stay they discover a peregrine falcon and its’ nest. But there is an egg stealing thief at work. The children succeed in revealing the thief, but read it yourself… The book is exciting and is very suitable for ambitious pupils in the end of 8th class or 9th or 10th class.


The book is level 1, based on a vocabulary of just 400 words. It is published by Alinea in Denmark and sold by a variety of educational publishers. Here are details of the publishers. In some cases there is a direct link to the book, in other cases you’ll have to rattle the cage of the publisher in question.

Denmark Alinea

Germany Ernst Klett Sprachen ISBN 978-3-12-544224-5

Sweden Liber ISBN 978-91-47-08027-4

UK European Schoolbooks Publishing Ltd (Teachers in the UK can get a free inspection copy).


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