English Bulgarian Joke Book

English Bulgarian Joke BookThe English Bulgarian Joke Book is an excellent way for Bulgarians to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Bulgarian. Great jokes like:
Учителят: Деца, къде живее Бог?
Малчуган: Мисля, че в нашата баня.
Учителят: Защо мислиш така?
Малчуганът: Ами, всяка сутрин моя баща чука на вратата на банята и крещи “Боже, още ли си там вътре?”

and this classic:

Начална учителка пътувала в автобус. Убедена, че познава седящия срещу нея мъж, попитала:” Простете, не сте ли бащата на едно от моите деца?”

Here is a review of the English Bulgarian joke book written by хаджи Стефка Китанова.

There is a good news and a bad news about this book.
The good news is that the book exists itself. And it can be used in many ways by students and teachers but not only.
What can students find in it. Funny stories to read, enriching their vocabulary and practicing their grammar skills. Also – as the stories are translated students can train their brains in translation and compare with Dora’s translation or their mates ones. So to develop communicative skills.
What can teachers find in it. Funny stories to read but not only. They can be used for class work to develop students’ speaking skills asking them to re-tell the jokes. The writing skills can also be trained – asking students to re-write the stories. Direct-indirect speech practice or dialogues are also possible variation of usage. Not speaking about ‘standard’ and ‘normal’ exercises of missing words/gaps, prepositions, mixed up phrases, etc. which ‘are on the menu’ of each teacher.
Students can be asked to find similar stories or to tell stories from their own life – it always gives opportunity! Another possible use is to ask students to find similar characters in other countries and tell the stories to classmates.
What can the ‘general readers’ find in it. Funny stories to read but not only. After reading the stories one can be in the center of the company and ‘bright’ with brilliant English and good sense of humor. Especially speaking about restaurants, schools and English people.

And now the bad news coming. Don’t read the book in public – people might thing you are crazy or mad by the way you are laughing…

Stefka Kitanova

FACTworld –Bulgaria

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