England – some of the wonders

Although I left England in 1987, I’m still English and still cry when England lose to Germany on penalties. On my regular trips back to England I try to travel around and see some of the wonders that England has to offer. Here are a few of them.

Durdle door photo
This is Durdle Door on the Dorset coast. I went there with my mum in 2006. Following the lovely sunset I took a great photo of the moon


Pultney Bridge photo
Pultney Bridge in Bath. All the buildings in Bath have to be built with the very attractive Bath Stone giving the city a unique character.


Roman Baths photo
The main reason that people come to Bath is to see the Roman Baths, built over 2000 years ago they are still in remarkably good condition.


British museum photo
The British Museum is a great place to spend a wet day in London (or a dry one come to that). It manages to show 50,000 of its 13 million exhibits and there are some amazing pieces. Whether they actually should be there is a matter of fierce debate, particularly if you are from Greece or Nigeria.


Another controversial exhibit – the Rosetta Stone, found by labourers in 1799 near the Egyptian town of Dumyatta (where I worked from 1990-92) it is written in three languages: hieroglyphic, demotic and classical Greek. The Rosetta Stone was the key to Champollion‘s incredible work – deciphering hieroglyphics.


St Paul's Cathedral photo
St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Christopher Wren, was built in the 17th Century and amazingly, survived the Blitz during the Second World War.

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