eBook covers for Self-Help books

Here are some of the eBook covers I’ve done for Self-Help Books

I like the faded image of the attractive woman and I think the blend with the meadow works well.





John selected this image and wanted a bold font for the title. Interesting that although the image is of a man, his race is not clear.


Women and TimeWomen and Time
A lovely image from Istock and I like to use the fade tool to produce the white background fading into blue at the top.

Ben didn’t want the usual hypnosis image of zombie eyes or an Einstein-like figure swinging a gold watch. The image he chose is gorgeous and peaceful – which I presume is the objective of his book.

You can make it no matter what coverYou can make it – no matter what

Elizabeth chose this image of a figure on a mountain top to show acheivement. Like the simple tagline at the top of the cover – particularly in the handwriting font making it more personal.


TimelessThe Timeless Counselor

June’s book has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from her 9 reviews on Amazon. Interesting that the image contains lens flares (between the woman’s head and the sun) but that adds rather than detracts from the image.


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