Earning Money from eBooks

eBooks are very quickly taking over from pBooks. Amazon now sell more eBooks than pBooks and the rate of change seems unstoppable. Publishers, writers and marketing people are now falling over themselves to adapt to the new environment – and to make some money.
There is a simple way that you can make money from eBooks. You don’t even need a website to do it. You can become what is known as an affiliate. If you make a link from a website selling e.books and someone clicks on your link and buys the book, you get a percentage of the price of the book. At Smashwords, the standard rate is 11% but some writers offer higher percentages. (I currently offer 25% for most of my books).
To become an affiliate with Smashwords, there are some simple steps you need to follow:

1. Go to www.smashwords.com and register – which you can do for free.

2. Once you have registered, you can start work as an affiliate.

3. Browse the books that interest you. On the book’s page, look at the bottom. You should see something like this.

4. Copy the URL referal link. You can then post the link on your facebook page, on twitter, on your website if you have one, forums, chatrooms etc. Tell people how wonderful the book is and invite them to check it out. If they do, and buy the book, you get 11% (or more) of the price of the book.

That’s it. Pretty simple. A few more points:

  • Clearly you can only get an affiliate link for a book that has a price so you can’t link to free books.
  • Don’t post the links everywhere as you’ll make yourself pretty unpopular. Make sure it is relevant to the people who are likely to read it.
  • Choose higher % referal fees to make more money – such as my generous 25%

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