Early pictures of me

An odd assortment of pictures of me back in the last century…

Grandad Badger

Here I am , aged about four, together with my maternal grandfather, Fred Badger. He was an excellent gymnast and nearly played football for Aston Villa. He also had a large factory in Birmingham making nuts and bolts. After retiring he enjoyed travelling the world on luxury cruise liners with his wife. He died in the early seventies from Parkinson’s Disease.

Me at Burnham

Here I am , aged about seven, enjoying an ice-cream at Burnham beach, not far from Weston-Super-Mare. Some of my favourite holidays were spent at his grandmother’s caravan at Burnham. What a chest!

me fishing

This picture is not posed. I always examine my fishing net in this ridiculous way. It was probably taken in France, at a campsite near the Dordogne valley. In fact I may well be standing in the Dordogne. Many family holidays were spent in France: 6 Taylors and a circus tent. But it was fun, even if the fish got away.

Hendy photo

Miss Hendy and her class of Sixty Nine. On the left is the terrifying Mr Bacon – who was actually an excellent headmaster. One person to look out for – third from the left on the second row: Barry Whitehead, ex-Bristol rugby player and now very successful businessman. But where is that writer, teacher, juggler?


Who is this toothy kid? Looking like a wholesome child out of a corny American sit com… Yes, I once had a fine pair of incisors. Until the age 14 when a dog ran in front of my bicycle. I lost half of one tooth and a corner of the other but the dentist thought it best to drill both of them away and replace them with stumps and caps. Ow!


Miss Eliot, the music teacher with her class of 1970. Is that Sarah Pitt, top international lawyer in the back row? And Dr. Nicholas Waring in some very trendy sandals in the front row? Am I hiding? No, no, I’m there – next to Penny Cooper.


The collar gives the date away…. Note the long hair which always annoyed my dad. I was trying to learn both German and Russian from library books and instead of getting private tutors, I got ticked off for having long hair. Is there no justice in this world?


Who is this skinny little chopper? I have always enjoyed gardening and worked as a gardener for two years while doing my A’ Levels. I also worked in a posh restaurant – doing the washing up for a pound an hour. I even prepared a prawn cocktail for the third richest man in Britain. Perhaps that helped me get to where I am today…


The hair gets longer… Is that stubble I see on that chin? Perhaps just a few spots… I do look serious. Perhaps wondering how to solve world hunger, or perhaps wondering whether I will ever snog WP again.


OMG! A moustache! In the background you can see the bedroom that I painted with the assistance of schoolmate Andy Jones.

Frampton Rugby Club

Frampton Rugby: Jeremy Taylor. Martin Powell, Stuart Rutter, Andy Jones, Andy Kislingbury, Graham Ives, Gary Williams, Barry Whitehead, Antony Golding, Mike Lynett. A great team and an important part of my youth.


Me in 1980 – I came joint third in an essay writing competition for schools in the South West. The woman is the amazing Miranda Voss (last heard of working as a surgeon in Darfur, Sudan) and the man is William Waldegrave MP – one of the designers of the much-loved poll tax (last heard of wandering the corridors of the House of Lords as Baron Waldegrave of North Hill).


I met up with my old school friends in 1981. There’s Caroline Iles in the middle, looking gorgeous – where is she now? Miles Radburn, horse trainer extraordinaire and Kion Northam, who turned out to be a banker and a top local referee. Many of the students here went on to the Ridings High School in Winterbourne.

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