Dead in Dublin

Dead in Dublin is a fast-moving comedy thriller with a range of nutty characters all living in the heady days of Ireland’s boom years of the tiger economy.

Excerpt from Dead in Dublin

   “Had! had!” Ten seconds later he was dead.
   It is not every day that someone dies in my classroom. Then, one sunny November morning, Milan Schwab staggered into my classroom, said ‘Had had’, fell on the floor and died.

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   Of course at first we thought it was just a joke. Milan was the joker of the class and it was very normal for him to fall over and pretend to be dead – only this time, it was for real.
   The Irish police, the Gardi, came, asked some questions, took some photographs and finally the body. Out of respect for Milan, I decided to cancel the lesson that day and made my way to my favourite pub in the Temple Bar area of Central Dublin for a calming pint and to put my thoughts together.

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   Interestingly, I had planned a lesson on question forms for that day: How? Where? When? Who? Why? All of these questions were now going through my head in relation to Milan Schwab. Natural causes? He was only 36 so unless he had a weak heart, that seems unlikely. Suicide? Doubtful. He seemed a popular guy, had a good job in his home town, Prague, a loving wife and, from what he told me over a pint of Guinness three days before his death, a gorgeous girlfriend in Dublin. Murder? Although Dublin is a capital city, the crime rate is comparatively low. Of course, there are murders, but who would want to murder Milan? 

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Do you want to find out who killed Milan?

The book can be bought from Wayzgoose Press as either a paperback or as an e-book. 


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