Czech Vegetarian Meals

Czech and vegetarianism go together like Donald Trump and intelligent behaviour. No, that’s not a fair analogy; there are some examples of Czech vegetarian food. Vegetarianism is still comparatively new to the Czech Republic and you will get strange looks if you ask for a vegetarian option in many places outside Prague. Sometimes there is a ‘bez maso’ (without meat) section of a menu though this may contain fried cheese or other dishes with ham (ham is not a thick slab of meat so doesn’t really count as meat).

Spicy tofu
This spicy tofu with rice was pretty hot – and tasty. It was served up at Clear Head – probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Prague.
More Clear Head food – this time mexican quesadillas. Very good food with some spicy tomato and guacamole sauces. Definitely not your typical Czech cuisine.
Smazeny Syr
Smazeny syr – deep fried cheese in batter. Chefs normally use a Czech version of Edam though there is also a camembert-like cheese called ‘hermelin’ which is sometimes used. The shaving foam next to the cheese is in fact Tartar sauce. Be aware that that smazeny syr se sunkou is fried cheese with a slice of ham in it.
potato pancakes
Deep fried potato cakes, with melted cheese on top and a small salad. Czechs do tend to fry at a high temperature so the food is not too greasy.
vegetables and nuts
An interesting mix of vegetables and nuts in a tomato sauce served up with greasy americky brambory (potatoes deep fried or roasted in their skins and often liberally coated with garlic).
Czech vegetarian food
Broccoli in a gentle but tasty cheese sauce served with roast potatoes.
deep fried mushrooms
Deep fried mushrooms are delicious. Commonly served with tartar sauce or mayonnaise. A good option for vegetarians though probably not for strict vegetarians as meat has probably been fried in the oil. . On the right you can see a sopsky salad – a mixed salad with feta cheese.
Here is a langos, a Hungarian speciality but popular in the Czech Republic. It is a cross between a pancake and a pizza though can have sweet or savoury toppings.

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