Czech starters

Czech food is famous for being pretty heavy and Czech starters are definitely on the heavy side. In their defence, they are yummy.

Czech tripe soup
You have to admit it looks great. It’s rich, very tasty and will fill you up on its own. Are you sure you don’t want to try some delicious drstkova polevka? Czech tripe soup.
This is a plate of topinka served up as a starter in Dačický restaurant in Kutna Hora. Topinka is fried bread with spicy mince on top, decorated in this case with grated cheese, a slice of cucumber and tomato.
pears and blue cheese
From the same restaurant, pear slices in a blue cheese sauce. An unusual but very tasty starter.
Salmon soup
Salmon soup – deliciously creamy!
Czech broth soup
Many Czech soups are broths with bits of pasta, meat and vegetables. Quite tasty, quite filling and not expensive.
Soup with croutons
Cheesy, garlicy croutons adorn this bowl of soup served up in Prague


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