Czech main courses

Czech food is rich and heavy and has improved a lot since the days when I first arrived in the Czech Republic. Have a look at some of the tasty Czech main courses which you may encounter on a visit to the Czech Republic.

Humpolka lunch
Grilled tuna steaks and a delicious salad from September 2017
Czech lunch
A reasonable salad with a grilled hermelin (brie-like cheese). September 2017.
poor Czech meal
A blast from the past – a village pub meal from June 2017. A big pile of overcooked pasta, two pieces of chicken in a chemical sauce and a ‘salad’.
roast beef salad
An excellent roast beef salad – healthy stuff and very tasty. From April 2017.
Czech goulash
Gulas se knedlikem. Goulasch with dumplings. Probably the most common dish in the Czech Republic. The sauce is wonderfully rich and good dumplings are slightly moist and can be used to soak up a lot of the sauce. The rings of raw onions are the token vegetable thrown in but you don’t have to eat them. Expect to pay between £2.50 and £3.50.
duck with dumplings
I ate this wonderful piece of duck (kachna) together with red cabbage and dumplings on the 2nd of April 2007. It was the lunchtime special, 99 crowns – about £3.
Czech kiev
A Czech chicken kiev with opekane brambory (roast potatoes). Notice the twist of orange on the greasy batter of the kiev. About £3.50
Wild boar and dumplings
Wild boar with red cabbage and mini dumplings. Very tasty though not common in cheaper restaurants. £6.50
Czech Svickova
Svickova. A piece of beef in a creamy white sauce with four dumplings. If it weren’t creamy enough there’s a squidge of artificial cream. Some cranberry jam tops the cream. £4
Wild boar and mushrooms
More wild boar – this time served with a delicious wild mushroom sauce. Czechs know their wild mushrooms and it was a pleasure to find them being used in a restaurant. £7
Dumplings and venison
A piece of venison in a rich sauce with a slice of orange and cranberry sauce. The dumplings were flavoured with ginger. Exotic or what? £7
Czech steak
A fair-sized steak sitting on top of a mountain of chips. Note that the meat sauce is under the chips, making them soggy. On top of the steak is a fried egg and a slice of bacon. Would a French chef have a heart attack by eating it – or just looking at it? £5.50
steak and all the trimmings
A comparatively small steak covered in melted cheese and bacon. The mushrooms on the left were filled with garlic and grilled. Very tasty – just make sure your partner eats some as well. £5
pork steak
Pork steak in a blue cheese sauce. Lousy presentation but excellent. £4.50
rabbit and asparagus
One of my more expensive meals – about £7 – rabbit (kralici maso) with asparagus -but it was delicious.
chopped pork
A very common meal in the Czech Republic. Chopped up pieces of pork in a spicy tomato based sauce. £4.50
Czech gulls
Interesting presentation of Czech potato pancakes and goulasch. Not the healthiest Czech dish in the world, but tasty. £4
Pork steak and cabbage
The ubiquitous pork steak and chips. On this occasion served up with grated cabbage, carrot, beetroot and er, more cabbage. £3.50
steak and American potatoes
More americky brambory underneath a very juicy steak with piles of salad. Excellent. £7.50

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