Cyprus main courses

I had the opportunity to sample a wide variety of food in Cyprus, sometimes being taken out for dinner, sometimes finding something myself. Here is a selection of Cyprus food that I found.

Debenhams lunch Cyprus
After my first day of work, two of the British Council staff took me to the cafeteria in Debenhams where I enjoyed some chunky pork with something similar to ratatouille. The fresh orange juice was very fresh – I saw the chef opening the packet.
cheesy chicken
My only experience of food in the northern part of Cyprus. Cheesy chicken and chips with salad – all kept warm in a polystyrene box.
cheesy chips
More cheesy chips – which were part of an excellent meal in the centre of Nicosia. It seems the British did leave something behind…
pork and chips - Cyprus
Another mountain of chips, this time with a pork kebab in Larnaca. The bread is similar to baladi bread in Egypt – very tasty. Thanks to Luisa for lunch and the very interesting stories.
octopus and chips
I hiked 28km around a salt lake, south of Larnaca. When I returned to Larnaca I had this meal of octopus and chips at a beachside restaurant in the south part of Larnaca. Very tasty.
Atima restaurant food
One of the best main courses I had in Cyprus was at the Atima restaurant in Limassol. Despite a frighteningly bored waitress, the food was excellent: a succulent pork chop in a great sauce and some very interesting vegetables. Sort of noveau cuisine but with decent portions. Thanks to Marios, Leda and the Greek Cypriot teachers’ union for the meal.
Pafos food
In Pafos, I tried a simple taverna. Not a tourist in sight, just some excellent kebab, potato, salad and a beer – all for less than 10 euros.
kebab in Cyprus
On my last day of training in Cyprus, I was invited out by the teachers. A yummy kebab and chips, washed down with a pint of local keo beer. What more could a man ask for?
Protaras food
On my last evening in Protaras, I nipped out to the Astoria. Poor service, uninspiring food and he was overcharged. Not a place I’ll be heading back to in the near future.
Larnaca Airport food
Larnaca airport was pretty disorganised with a few flights delayed. I was lucky to pick up the meal combo, chicken and vegetables with a large side salad and a beer for 11 euros. You could pay that for a glass of water in some international airports.

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