Cycling in the Spanish Pyrenees

The crossing of the Pyrenees over the Col de Portalet is one of my favourite Cols. But what is on the other side?

Spanish Pyrenees
The Col du Portalet is a beautiful crossing between France and Spain. Here I am, having just cycled up the French side.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
Looking back into France, the Pic de Midi Ossau is visible in the background, still with snow around it, despite the blazing sunshine.
Spanish Pyrenees - tourism
During the time of Franco, this area was a comparatively poor backwater frequented by smugglers. Today the area is experiencing an economic boom as Spaniards start to enjoy the mountains. There are still plenty of smugglers – French people hopping over the border to stock up on cheap cigarettes which are still absurdly cheap in Spain.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
The road surface on the Spanish side of the Col is a little disappointing and there were some repairs underway while I was there. Apparently they are waiting until the building programme is over which may well take forever. Not good news for cyclists.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
With plenty of meltwater from the snow capped Pyrenees, there are many stunning lakes in the area.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
Another stunning lake.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
I hope you’re not getting bored of this stunning scenery.
Spanish Pyrenees - Pic de Midi Ossau
A jump to the valley leading up from Canfranc to Col du Somport and the French border. If the mountains in the background appeared in a film, the producer would probably sack the set designer for going too far.
Spanish Pyrenees - Col du Somport
France looms… People who live on the French side often travel up the Ossau valley in the rain, cross over the border into warm sunshine. This picture shows the border – right where all that cotton wool is.

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