Channel Runner

Mary Maloney is the Channel Runner. She wants to show the world that women are as good as men. She knows it isn’t going to be easy. Not everybody likes her. Some people are going to try very hard to stop her. Is Mary going to win her fight?

This book looks at the fascinating subject of equality between the sexes. It presents a number of interesting examples of where women outperform men and should provide food for thought for readers of both sexes.

Excerpt from Channel Runner

   “Come on Mary, be realistic. You’re a girl. You’re an excellent runner but you can’t compete against boys. They have bigger muscles, bigger lungs…”
   “I’ve heard that already today,” said Mary. “Do you believe it?”
   “Well, yes, it’s a fact. There’s nothing we can do to change it.”
   “People once thought the Earth was flat. They thought that if you sailed to the edge you’d fall off. They thought that was a fact.”
   “But Mary that was a long time ago. We’re talking about modern science.”
   “Does that mean every scientific fact is right and can’t be challenged?”
   “Well, I suppose it can be challenged…” Darren Green could now see what was in Mary’s mind. He now realised why she had run an extra five laps around the track. “You want to do some challenging?”
   “That’s right.”

Want to find out how Mary gets on with her challenging?

The book can be bought from Wayzgoose Press as either a paperback or as an e-book. 


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