The Secret of the Cemetery

Secret of the Cemetery coverWarning! Do not read this graded reader before sleeping! Susan’s grandfather dies and the children visit him in the Cemetery. But they are not alone… Who is Joe Atkinson? Why is he in the Cemetery? What other secrets will the children find there? Read The Secret of the Cemetery and find out!

An excerpt from The Secret of the Lost Cemetery

Charlie Macintosh was in one of his favourite places – Pembridge Road Library. Charlie came to the library two and a half hours ago. He wanted some very important information. How do you know the sex of your goldfish? Now you may not think that this is very important. But for Charlie, and his goldfish, Wanda, this was a very important question.
   Charlie had a lot of books on the table in front of him. Some encyclopaedias and some specialist books on goldfish. But you know what it is like when you open an encyclopaedia. You are looking for one thing – and you find something else. Then you want to find out more about the new subject. Anyway, you have probably forgotten why you picked up the encyclopaedia in the first place.
   The same was true of Charlie. After two and a half hours, Charlie still did not know how to find out the sex of a goldfish. But Charlie knew a lot more things about the world. On this particular cold and wet Saturday morning, Charlie, with a little help from the encyclopaedia, left Notting Hill Gate and travelled 8000km to Mexico. First of all he read about modern Mexico but then he started reading about the people who lived in Mexico hundreds of years ago. The Aztecs and their pyramids. Charlie looked at the photo of an Aztec pyramid. It was quite similar to some of the Egyptian pyramids. Did the Aztecs know about the Egyptian pyramids? Perhaps some Egyptians travelled from Egypt to Mexico! Perhaps the Aztecs were descendants from the Ancient Egyptians! Perhaps…

Are you sure you aren’t too scared to find the true details of The Secret of the Cemetery?

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