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It is incredible how many people spend months or even years writing a wonderful eBook and then produce an eBook with a lousy cover. Perhaps sad but true, people do judge a book by its cover. By investing time and money into a great eBook cover with professional photography, you will make your eBook cover stand out from the crowd. Have a look at some of these eBook cover designs – perhaps I can design something for your eBook. Prices start at just $45 for multiple titles and $58 for single titles, and payment can be made via paypal. Click here to contact me and we can discuss your eBook cover requirements.  If you need more general information about publishing an ebook, click on ebook publishers Below you can see some of the e.covers that I have designed for other people. I have done around 150 ebook covers for Smashwords writers so far. Have a look at the covers below and follow through to your area of interest.

TheJamaicanJob Thrillers I love Louse’s choice of image for her raunchy thriller. The Caribbean sky gave me room to add a bold title and tagline above it. I added the helicopter, an integral part of the story, but the cover remains uncluttered. If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.

You can see more of my eBook covers for thrillers

If you’d like to read The Jamaican Job, click here.


food fight cover Self Help Books Nice simple cover for Ron’s book about fighting weight loss. Great image from Istock.

You can see more of my self help eBook covers.

If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.

You can find out more about Ron’s book – and download a free sample at Smashwords.

Mistress of the waves Romance One of the most popular sections in Smashwords both for writers and readers. George chose this gorgeous image for his novel – a mix of romance and sci fi.

If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.

You can see more of my eBook covers for romance

Storming Heaven

Science Fiction Christopher G. Nuttall is a very popular science fiction writer with a big fan base. I’ve done about 7 covers for Chris so far.

If you’d like to see more of my Science Fiction covers

If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.

If you’d like to know more about Chris’s book you can buy it on Amazon.


Reluctant HeroPersonal Narratives John sent me this photo of his father which I used special software to dramatically improve the quality of the image.

You can see more of my personal narrative covers 

If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.



SatNavw250Non fiction

John produced the image himself which I enhanced to make it suitable for a cover.

If you’d like me to design a cover for you, click here.

You can see more of my non fiction eBook covers

I have done other genres, some horror/zombie, some erotica, some humour so if you think I might be able to design a cover for you, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “eBook cover designs

  1. Working with Jeremy on the covers for my ebook covers at Smashwords has been delightful and rewarding. He has captured my desire for clean design with a strong visual image (in this case, photography, perhaps in an homage to the classic Richard Brautigan volumes) and taken it several steps further. We have a distinctive look that reflects the novels’ tone and sensibilities. I am very pleased with the graphic results and am still amazed how quickly the entire process has taken — often, only hours from my query to a finished cover.
    I am looking forward to continuing this collaboration and highly recommend his service.

  2. I really like the cover you designed for “Meet the Invertebrates” — attractive and striking. You made it easy for me to work with you — telling me how to find an image, making the suggestion that led to a useful subtitle, making 2 revisions. I couldn’t ask for more.

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