For English Lovers – 100 English Proverbs

English speakers use proverbs all the time but do you understand what they are on about? 100 English proverbs is a collection of, you’ve probably guessed, 100 English proverbs, divided into 10 categories. Have a look at the following proverbs. Do you know what they mean? Here’s an example from the ‘Money Matters’ chapter:

A fool a__ h__ m____ a__ s___ p_____.

If you can’t think of the proverb, read this little scenario which includes the proverb:

My Uncle went to Petticoat Lane market in London and he came home with a Bulgarian radio – which doesn’t work, that cost him £35, A real authentic Russian pilot’s cap – made in China, that set him back £65 and a genuine handmade Rollecks watch, which cost him £90. It just goes to show that a fool a__ h__ m____ a__ s___ p_____.

You can find the answer to this one – and another 99 examples – in 100 English Proverbs.

100 English Proverbs is great for:

  • families who want a fun quiz
  • English teachers
  • EFL students
  • anyone who wants to add more colour to their language

You can download the book from:

Smashwords Amazon US UK DE FR IT ES


Sony    Barnes and Noble    Kobo Books

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