For English Lovers – 100 English Abbreviations

This book is a collection of 100 abbreviations which are all part of normal life. The book can be used as a fun quiz for families or for foreign students who want to improve their knowledge of English Abbreviations. There are lots of abbreviations that we use every day – and if you don’t know what they mean, you could be left in a sticky situation. The book is divided into ten chapters with ten examples in each chapter. Have a look at the following and see how many you know.

Health Abbreviations: You probably know O.C.D. and B.O. but do you know what M.R.S.A. stands for?

Business and Office: C.E.O. and V.A.T. are easy but what about C.O.D.?

Communications: No problem with LOL and ROFL but what about  I.M.H.O.?

Institutions: You know BBC and EU but what about D.W.P.?

Politics: Everybody knows M.E.P., and I.R.A. but what about N.A.T.O.?

Buying and Selling: IOU and O.N.O. are easy but what about B&Q?

Technical things: P.C. and L.C.D.aren’t difficult but what about JPEG?

People: You konw about WAGS and YUPPIES but what about D.I.N.K.s?

Sports: No problem with L.B.W. and K.O. but what about S.C.U.B.A.?

Miscellaneous: T.G.I.F. and A.S.A.P. aren’t too hard but what about N.E.E.T.?

All the answers are in the book – together with lots more abbreviations to test your knowledge.

100 English Abbreviations is great for:

  • families who want a fun quiz
  • English teachers
  • EFL students

You can download the book from  Smashwords or Amazon 


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