Adrspach -Teplice Rock City

A national park since 1933 this area is popular with hikers and rock climbers. The weird sandstone rock formations make this a very special part of the Czech Republic.

Not a particularly weird rock formation, this is Trutnov, a nearby town and a pleasant place from which to start your journey to Adrspaske-Teplicke Skaly and a good place to stock up with supplies.
And this is a pleasant place from which to start your hike into the Teplice Skaly. Pension U Skalniho Potoka. A simple but very friendly pension right at the entrance of the Teplice Skaly. The owner is a very knowledgeable guy and part of the rescue team for the national park.

The pension has a website: Pension U Skalniho Potoka.

These amazing towers on the Czech-Polish border are completely natural. I have a friend who knows R.E.M. and wanted me to look after them when they came to Prague. This is where I would have taken them. Sadly, one of them needed an operation and the tour was cancelled. Still, Michael and Co, if you are reading this, the offer still stands.
From the entrance to the rock city, the path runs through a beautiful pine forest. There was an old fort built high in the rocks and there is a stairway which you can climb to where the old fort stood. The view from the top is stunning.
This is the ‘Siberian’ part of the rock city. There is snow and ice in this section until about June There is an abundance of moss and ferns which are capable of growing in the comparatively poor sunlight and cool conditions.
As you can see, I had problems with my white balance on this trip. I’ll use that as a good excuse to go back and shoot some better pictures.
The sandstone is not particularly tough and is weathered into wonderful shapes.
The national park service has done an excellent job in making the area reasonably safe without going over the top. If 40 tons of rock falls on you as you’re walking underneath, well, that’s life. Or perhaps not.
You really do need to go there – a photo can’t do the area justice. The mix of sandstone pillars and pine trees is amazing.
The sandstone rock is very soft and, geologically speaking, is eroded quickly.
It is quite a steep climb to get out of the Teplice Skaly area over towards the Adrspach skaly but it takes you through some very pleasant forests.
The amazing view from the ridge between the two rock cities. Doesn’t it make you want to jump on a plane/train/bicycle and go and see it for yourself?
It is worth studying a bit of geology to understand how these rock cities came into existence.
The trail from Teplice Skaly towards Adrsbach. It is flat for a while and then there is a bit of climbing to do. Nothing too difficult.
A beautiful shot of the sunlight through the pine trees and mossy ground. This is the image that most people want to buy from me. There is something wonderfully mystical about it.
It used to be amazingly muddy between the two rock cities but excellent work by the national park people have produced some excellent boardwalks.
The rock city at Adrsbach is popular with large coachloads of tourists who might find all the climbing of Teplice Skaly a little difficult. Try to avoid between 11 and 16.00 as that’s when most of the tourists are there.
The people in the foreground give you an idea of scale of these amazing stones.
Near the entrance to the Adrspach rock city, there is this beautiful lake.
Many of the rocks have been given names which are written in Czech, Polish and German. Unsurprisingly these two are called ‘The Lovers’.

Practical information
Pension U Skalniho Potoka is an excellent place to stay.
Train Timetables for the Czech Republic.
Czech Agency for Nature Conservation with details of the many Czech National Parks

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