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Engelsk Dansk Vittighedsbog (The English Danish Joke Book) is an excellent way for Danish people to practise their English – and for foreigners who are trying to learn Danish. Great jokes like:    

En folkeskolelærer sad i bussen. Hun var næsten sikker på, at hun genkendte manden, der sad overfor hende.    “Undskyld mig”, sagde hun. “Er De far til et af mine børn?”

and this classic:    

“Jeg har læst så mange bøger om at ryge og om at drikke, at jeg har besluttet at droppe det”.

“At ryge eller at drikke?”

“At læse”.


I first learnt German by telling jokes to people in my awful German. But I quickly progressed and now I’m pretty fluent – and know lots of great jokes as well. When you’re trying to improve your skills in a foreign language, reading is one of the best ways – and reading jokes is probably the best of all. Ready to download The English Danish Joke Book?

  1. It improves your reading skills.
  2. It improves your spelling – and your writing.
  3. It will give you some interesting new vocabulary.
  4. Jokes are short – and you will be rewarded with a laugh (or a groan).
  5. Jokes are memorable – so you can tell your friends the jokes later.
  6. If you’re a teacher, you can entertain your students.
  7. If you’re a student, you can entertain your teachers.
  8. It’s available in a wide variety of formats
  9. It’s available from a wide variety of suppliers so you can choose.
  10. It is a GREAT way to improve your English – or Danish.

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